I have been very turned off with social media lately, especially since all I read is hatred and negativity. So many people are taking a hard stance politically, racially, and even in circle healing/spiritual circles . So how can we go above this hatred and negativity? How can we bring kindness to certain situations?

A spiritual teacher of mine used to always say, “You can bless people from afar without needing to get involved”. This is something that I believe is absolutely true and by sending love to those who are in their darkness and hatred, we can go beyond their negativity without needing change them or get involved.

One of the principles that this simple practice follows is, “what you focus on expands”.  In the past, I have been very keen on simply focusing on the negative, focusing on what I didn’t want, and trying to change others viewpoints and negativity around me. Yet at a higher level of truth, I began to see that others negativity and hatred has nothing to do with me, it is simply their own inner pain coming to the surface. As we learn to navigate dealing with others, we can take this simple principle into account. If we keep focusing on the negative it will expand and we will get sucked in to drama and hate that isn’t our own. And when we can learn to step back and see the situation for what it is, we can bless them and choose to focus on being the light, spreading our gifts and enjoying life.

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