There are two models of the world I would like to touch on. One is the model of victimhood and the other is the model of empowerment. These are principles that took me years to really grasp, but once I grasped it, my entire world changed. When you combine these principle with tapping, or other change techniques, you have the ability to change your world.

What is the difference between victimhood and empowerment?

When we come into the world, we are impacted by so many people around us. Whether that be our parents, school teachers, family members, or even society, to a little kid the only way to survive is to mold themselves to their environment. Through this process of learning and development, we as young children often equate our feelings and circumstances to the things around us. It is not our fault, it is simply that we cannot survive without these things and we are so conditioned to believing our control is outside of ourselves that by the time we grow up we have never learned what empowerment really is.

Victimhood is the space where we believe that our outside world, our circumstances, other people can affect how we feel. And yet this is an outdated model that in many cases doesn’t really work.

Empowerment is the space where we realize that we are the ones that can choose to feel, think, and create our life and circumstances and that our perception of the outside world is what causes our problems and stressors.

I will give you a simple example that I use in my workshops. I remember having a client that had a fear of dogs. When he was three years old, he was walking on the sidewalk with his brother and was bit by a dog. The experience was so traumatizing for this little child that from that day on he would panic whenever he heard a dog bark. By the time this client made his way into my office he was 37 years old and this issue was showing up in his life in a big way. Every day when he walked to his car to go to work, he would begin to panic because the neighbors dog would always be running around the front yard. Now at one level of truth we can look at this situation and say, “this poor guy, he has this serious fear of dogs and his neighbor isn’t helping by letting his dog roam the front yard”. Or we can look at a higher level of truth and think to ourselves, “this event happened 34 years ago, the dog in the front yard isn’t the same dog that bit this man, and can a dog simply playing on the grass cause a grown man to panic?” Is it the dog, or is it the thoughts, perceptions and memories that this man is holding against all the dogs out there? Can the dog make him feel this way? Or is he creating this through this own thinking?

So I invite you to step into empowerment rather than victimhood because once you make the choice to take control, life has a way of changing beyond your greatest imagination.

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