TRE SESSIONS: I found TRE sessionsa few years ago when I was struggling to move through a healing crisis. At the time I had many different tools in my toolbox to help me work through the ups and downs of life, yet there was a missing piece, the grease to help the whole transformational process work faster. Then I discovered TRE and was blown away by how fast I shifted out of my low point. From that moment I never looked back and immersed myself into the process.

TRE stands for Tension Releasing Exercises and was created by Dr. David Berceli. It is a revolutionary process that helps clients safely unwind chronic tension patterns in the body and relax. Through TRE many have reported that they are experiencing less stress, a deeper sense of relaxation, a greater ability to handle life, and a deeper connection to self.

TRE activates a muscular tremor reflex, which is the body’s way of discharging the stress response and coming back to balance.

I offer TRE sessions either via Skype or in person out of my Los Angeles Office.