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Jonah Robins
Jonah has an authentic capacity for understanding the emotional challenges of his clients. A highly skilled, laser focused tapping practitioner; he relentlessly pursues points of emotional blockage that impede behavior and guides allowance for the release of negative emotions from the subconscious mind. After several sessions with Jonah, I developed a clarity and understanding of issues that had held me back for years. He is a calm, comforting, personable, friendly guy who has continued to provide ongoing encouragement and support to me when I’ve asked for it, which is worth its weight in gold. Jonah is knowledgeable, resourceful, amiable, enthusiastic and sensitive. He is a shining beacon of light, who shines with enduring authenticity and compassion that encourages better living. It is always a joyful experience to be in his presence. I highly recommend the serviceable light that Jonah shines!