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Jonah Robins
I was fortunate enough to meet Jonah Robins when I was in Las Vegas attending a Tapping Seminar. I had heard of Jonah from two trusted friends who had both had sessions with him and had experienced profound and lasting changes.I was nervous at the thought of having some of my deeper emotions come up and Jonah helped me feel much less vulnerable with his calming and humorous manner. I was able to put all my trust in him and allow him to lead me through the next two hours. Jonah has mastered the techniques that he uses to uncover parts of the past so that they no longer have any power in the present, but it isn't just his mastery that makes him unique. His ability to be totally present and allow the client's vulnerability to be honored is one of his many gifts. I can truly say that I was able to release emotions that I had unconsciously held deep inside of me that were holding me back. I continue to use the "perfect affirmation" that Jonah and I developed for me during that session, morning and night, and it has made a huge difference in my life. I am now able to move forward in my continued healing with no fear or anxiety, and am inspired to help others the way Jonah helped me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Jonah! I love you and hope to see you again one day!